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Why Crunch Digital Sandbox?

Speed up the process to legally get music for your App

Crunch Digital Puts an Innovative Music Licensing Process to Work for You

Record labels and music publishers are inundated with license requests. To reduce the administrative burden, we help find applications that are likely to be commercially relevant for rights owners. Labels and publishers can then qualify incoming deals based on the background information and metrics we collect under a Sandbox license and focus on applications that are commercially compelling.

Many app developers need music to develop products and provide proof of concept before negotiating their full-scale music licenses. Crunch Digital eases this burden by providing app developers with a limited use and restricted developer license from participating record labels and music publishers. With easy access to quality authorized songs and tracks, app developers can prove their concept, build market traction, and attract further investment for full product launch.

Crunch Digital works with major and independent record labels and music publishers to collate the extensive amount of data related to songs and sound recordings. If your app is approved and participating record labels and/or music publishers issue a Sandbox license, you will have authorization to use their full catalog of music, subject to any restrictions that the owners specify.

Working with Crunch Digital helps expedite your discussions and secure your Sandbox license. You’ll be aligned with a team that is dedicated to helping your app be commercially successful.

Spotlite Media

Working with Crunch Digital was a no-brainer for us.

Crunch Digital is a one stop shop for us, offering innovative services and long-term solutions, especially for licensing and reporting. Keith Bernstein, Founder of Crunch Digital, is an absolute pleasure to work with. Keith’s professionalism and invaluable services have been a key component in assisting us with our needs. It’s simple, cost-effective, accurate, transparent, and they deliver efficient licensing and reporting services. I highly recommend working with Keith and the Crunch Digital team. I look forward to a continued relationship with them and I am anxious to experience their next innovation in licensing and reporting.

Gary Chen, GM and Co-Owner
Spotlite Media


Apply today and get your license process started.

Crunch Digital will determine if your app is approved for the Sandbox. Note, if approved by Crunch Digital, there is no guarantee that any participating record label or music publisher who receives your app profile and license request will issue you a Sandbox license.

Tell us about your app and see if you are approved for the Sandbox.

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