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A New Path to Music Licenses


A New Path to Music Licenses

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Fast Track Your Music App to Success with the SANDBOX

Crunch Digital is an authorized administrator of a “sandbox” solution that enables application developers to license music legally from participating record labels and music publishers – and do it faster. We have built a platform that helps qualified app developers include tracks and songs under short-term restricted use developer licenses.

With the Crunch Digital sandbox platform, application developers can test and develop their products and prove their concepts and features before engaging in all-encompassing music licensing negotiations. With quick access to quality authorized music, developers can prove out their product and features, gain market traction, and attract potential investment for a full product launch.

Crunch Digital Sandbox: Pre-Cleared Music for App Developers

How the SANDBOX can help you!

Watch as Izzy navigates getting music licenses and makes valuable connections with record labels and music publishers who are part of the Crunch Digital Sandbox program.

Watch the story of Izzy!

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Apply today and get your license process started.

Crunch Digital will determine if your app is approved for the Sandbox. Note, if approved by Crunch Digital, there is no guarantee that any participating record label or music publisher who receives your app profile and license request will issue you a Sandbox license.

Tell us about your app and see if you are approved for the Sandbox.

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