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Want to be part of the Sandbox program?

Become a Participating Record Label or Music Publisher

Innovation Drives New Business Models and Revenue in the Music Business

Who knows which startup may build something interesting?  These innovators need help getting their product to market. Application developers need music to test and develop their products and prove their concepts and features before engaging in serious music licensing negotiations.

Crunch Digital Sandbox Helps App Developers’ Proof of Concept

The Crunch Digital Sandbox is designed to help drive investment in these new technologies. Crunch Digital serves as an administrator of a limited use and restricted developer license that allows app developers to include tracks and songs authorized by participating record labels and music publishers.  Crunch Digital is a trusted, independent and privately owned company positioned to provide this “sandbox” solution that will enable developers to license music – and do it faster. With quick access to quality authorized music, developers can prove out their product and features, gain market traction, and attract further investment for a full product launch.

Crunch Digital Sandbox Saves Content Owners Time

Record labels and music publishers have a high volume of incoming license requests.  The administrative burden and opportunity costs to review all incoming deals strain resources, and only some of the applications are likely to be commercially relevant.  Labels and publishers need to be able to qualify incoming deals and work with compelling applications with potential for meaningful revenue.  Crunch will obtain and maintain metrics of success for each licensed application.  Labels and publishers can review these metrics and invest their time with application developers who have created a proven and scalable product.


There is only upside to participation in the Sandbox for record labels and music publishers and there is no time like the present to get started.

We encourage music publishers and record labels of any size to include their repertoire in our core database and participate in the Sandbox program.

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